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Custom Service

NKD is more than a standard fashion brand, in addition to what you see here, you can order custom designs and design adaptations. What exactly does that mean? Let me explain.

Custom Designs:

Custom designs can be pretty much anything, as long as it doesn’t infringe on any copyright or trademark. Here are some examples:


You want a shirt with your cat on it, with a saying you like. Of course, this works with any animal you would like to showcase on your shirt.

You have a saying or a favorite quote you would like to place on some apparel, or maybe a company logo for your employee uniforms. No matter what you are looking for I will do my best to accommodate you. Cost for a custom design is $50.00 CAD (per design) plus production cost of your chosen finished product. Get a free quote and draft by contacting

Adaptation of an existing product:

If you took the time to look through my store you will have seen a wide and ever-growing variety of designs. For a small fee you can order a customization of a design that already exists. Here are some examples:


For example, you could replace the word WIFE with the NAME of your wife. Showing her that you see her strength.

You could change the number of years in this design to make it fit your needs.

Another option is mixing existing designs, like in these examples:

You could choose a classic T-shirt design and ad it to an abstract background you like. If you have a company log and see an all over design that would fit your business, you can add your logo for the same cost.


Adaptation to existing designs start at $10.00 CAD depending on the amount of adaptation needed. Please contact me for a free quote and draft at

In some cases, you might find a design you like as it is, but don’t like where I place it on a shirt. I might have placed it on the front, while you would like it on the back of a shirt. Not a problem. Just contact me at and let me know which design you would like to get and the change you want. I will make the change and send you a link to the product as soon as I made it available.


If you have questions feel free to either use any of the available customer support options (messenger, chat, email)